What can I throw in the dumpster?

The easier way to answer this question is by telling you what you CAN’T put in the dumpster! Here we go…

-Brush, loam, dirt, branches, rocks, and other similar organics. If you have any of these, we can get you a separate dumpster. This keeps it out of the waste stream and is much more cost effective.

Concrete truck washouts are not permitted in dumpsters. Dumpster used for concrete washouts are subject to a minimum $100 charge, in addition to the cost of the dumpster. It makes a HUGE mess and sticks to the bottom of the dumpster…which means the loads don’t slide out like they should.

Toxic or hazardous materials (for example, asbestos).

Fluorescent light bulbs and ballasts.

Wet paint. Have some to get rid of? If you have time to plan ahead, pop the covers off and let them dry out. Don’t have time? Pour in speedy dry or cat litter (1:1 ratio) and give it a stir. You’re good to go!

-Used waste oil

Aerosol cans

Household cleaners and chemicals

Sealed drums. How are we supposed to know what’s in there?!