Where are the hidden fees???

Welp, the hidden fees you’re asking about are in our competitors’ invoices, not ours! The dumpster business has long been ridden with extra fees and complicated billing. Around here, you won’t find fuel surcharges, environmental fees, etc. We keep our numbers sharp from the beginning and we don’t play games.

That being said, there ARE certain items that do cost extra! Why? Because they charge us, specifically, for them at the transfer station. They have to be handled differently and can’t go in the waste stream.

We have a standard price sheet for the below items, and it’s included in the Terms/Conditions email you’ll receive when you book a dumpster. Want to know the cost ahead of time? Just ask, we’ll send the price sheet to you so you know what you’re getting in to! These items are…

  • Appliances with a compressor. Fridge, A/C, Dehumidifier, etc
  • TVs, Monitors, Computers, Electronics. We’re not talking grandma’s radio here. We’re talking about that Dell you replaced 10 years ago and you never got around to refurbishing for the kids! Believe it or not, they contain hazardous materials that can’t go into the landfill. To some extent, they’ll get recycled.
  • Car tires and batteries. They’ll recycle those, too!
  • Propane tanks.
  • Mattresses and box springs