Tips, Tricks and Expectations!

We all have our expectations. You’re calling us because we’re the best, we get it! You expect us to show up when we say we will and to charge you a fair price! We promise to do just that! Remember – It’s a two-way street!

Keeping things moving and being as efficient as possible are other factors that keep us viable. Here are some hints to keep things running smooth for us.

  • We won’t assume your dumpster is ready after 2 weeks. Call us as soon as you’re ready and we’ll get right on it! Ready early? LET US KNOW!!! We’d LOVE to get it moving to the next job!
  • Don’t overload the dumpster! When you’re setting up your dumpster and we ask what you’re putting in it, make sure you let us know you have something heavy. If it’s something we haven’t seen before, we’ll take to the Google and will do our best to estimate it. If we think it’s too heavy, we may limit you to a 10 yd dumpster and you may even need two of them. Trust us when we say we’re not trying to squeeze you! An overloaded truck is unsafe and is not good for our equipment… and it will also cost you more in the long run. It could also ruin your driveway. Perfect example: We had a guy last year that FILLED a 15 yd dumpster with bricks from an old chimney. When we showed up, the truck couldn’t even lift the dumpster on. By this time, the customer was out in Michigan visiting his son. What did we end up doing? Well, we went on a Saturday morning with a second dumpster and hand loaded it, splitting the load in two. In the end, the material weighed nearly 12 tons, which would have put our truck OVER capacity by 6 tons. In addition, there was so much weight that it left large divots in the pavement, even though we put wood blocking under the wheels .
  • We appreciate your efforts to get the max out of your dumpster. But please, don’t fill it over the top. Why? It’s unsafe and we can’t tarp it. Remember how we talked about being efficient? Well, when there’s a couch sticking straight up, we can’t get our tarp over the load…and everyone seems to complain when we drive down the road without our tarp on. Additional charges apply!
  • If you have 2x’s with nails sticking out, face the nails down. They don’t get along very well with our tarp!
  • If you’re not going to be there, help us out and give us a sign where it should go. Place a cone, a stake in the ground. Something, anything!
  • Need a dumpster TODAY? While we’ll make every effort, there are no guarantees. We have a lot of dumpsters, and we work hard. Keep in mind that Spring and Fall are our busiest time of year, when everyone says “oh, s#&t…I need to get that project done”!!!!!! Our best advice is to give us as much notice as possible. We don’t want to tell you no! But, there are times that we have a wait list and/or just don’t have the hours in our day.
  • In the winter, don’t let your plow guy push a pile in front of the dumpster. We don’t like winter any more than you do, so we will charge extra if we need to break out the shovel or bring in a plow!!!
  • Much like snow, please move your cars and give us some room! We’re pretty damn good at getting in tight spaces, but we don’t want to damage your car any more than you want us to!

Sounds easy, right?