Payment Options

We’ll start by saying that we work hard and will take money any way it comes! Cash or check? Yup! Credit card? Yup yup!

If you’re paying by cash or check, we’ll require a deposit for the full estimated amount when we drop the dumpster off. Once we pick it up it will be weighed at the transfer station. After that, our amazing office staff will prepare the invoice and apply your payment. If you kept the dumpster beyond the allotted time, or if there’s a additional charge for that old Dell you dropped in, the invoice will reflect a balance due. ALL INVOICES ARE DUE UPON RECEIPT!

Want to pay by credit card and build up your points? Sure thing! We’ll take your card over the phone when you place the order. After it’s picked up, weighed, and your invoice is prepared we’ll charge the card. Do we charge extra for you using a card? Nope! Even though we hate paying fees, it’s more convenient for us, too!

Want to pay by check at the end? We will require you to place a credit card on file and will note your account. Not that we’re pointing fingers, but we don’t want to spend the rest of our time chasing you down for 20 bucks. So, the card gives us a fall-back if we don’t get paid. You’d be surprised how some people can be!